Sunday, October 7, 2018



If you have been to the city of Sumbawa Besar a few years ago, of course if you come at this time you will find significant changes in the development of this city. The new and updated facilities with modern technology and design have begun to stand, for example Sultan Kaharuddin Airport has stood majestic and modern, which was formerly called Brang Biji airport. Flights to the city of Sumbawa Besar and out of town, now the frequency is getting denser, there are at least three flight departures and arrivals scheduled by two national airlines, Lion and Garuda. Of course, with a stable schedule, departures and arrivals add more the interest of tourists who want to visit Sumbawa Besar city. Because we all know, at this time tourism objects in Sumbawa are increasingly and more diverse forms of tourist destinations.

Tourist destinations and can be the next place for selfies, the new ones in Sumbawa City are at SAMOTA Bridge, which is on the outskirts of Sumbawa city, exactly when you visit Sumbawa Besar city, before arriving at "Simpang Bingung" intersection, right next to Labuhan Badas Junior High School, you turn left through the new by pass road. Tracing by pass around 600 meters, you will pass the new SAMOTA bridge, which was made in 2017, and just inaugurated a while ago.

The view on the SAMOTA bridge is good enough to do photographs, because it is a new scene, which was previously inaccessible because it was separated by a river. The existence of this bridge city is very helpful in opening access to Moyo and its surroundings and it is even expected to reach Tambora which has entered the Dompu and Bima regions. With the opening of road access through the SAMOTA by pass, many attractions that we can go to easily, such as heading to Tanjung Manangis Resort, Ai Loang Beach, Labu Sawo beach, Poto Tourism Village, Ai Bari Beach, Limung Beach and still many tours nature that is still original and natural on Sumbawa that you can visit.

Well, if colleagues around the world are interested in visiting the SAMOTA bridge and other tourist destinations here, please come and enjoy the beauty of nature, and the hospitality of the people of Sumbawa Besar who will welcome you at any time. Wassalam.