Saturday, August 15, 2015

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Agate Illustrated Similar Elvis Presley

Some time ago when people in Indonesia were fond of agate, an assortment of different types of agate collection. Ranging from the type of Agate, Bacan, Kalimaya, Calcedon and many more types of stones that can be found on land of Indonesia, which was indeed very rich in precious rock types are expensive.

Among the areas of coal producers, Sumbawa island will not lose type of stone, even rock serendibite in srilanka and burma, in Sumbawa is also there, because the physical characteristics and the same level of hardness, only people sumbawa know him as a rock "Black Pemasar", because found only in the village "Pemasar" a distance of tens of kilometers from the town of Sumbawa Besar.

But what is surprising is the discovery of some stone images, which results asahan these precious stones, producing a wide variety of images that are very similar to the original, although it is also influenced by one's imagination in interpreting rock saw. Rock image, among others, the rock pictures of human faces, dog face image, the face of the tiger, wild boar, astral beings, and so on.

But that is quite surprising, too, was the discovery of stone images are said to resemble the face of the movie "Ghost Face", but when considered too carefully, it is similar to the picture Stone Face Rocknroll king Elvis Presley who was wearing sunglasses. Please note the photograph of the stone images that make up the face of Elvis Presley below ....

Here is also my show Video Stone Similar Facial Image Elvis Presley;

If you are interested and want to see a more complete, agate collections of Sumbawa island, please go to the website Gemstone Sumbawa, For note that sumbawa an area that has a wide range of collections type of rock that can be used as agate and jewelry. The longer the beauty of the stones agate from sumbawa increasingly popular as the number of media to newspapers, television and websites on the internet that expose this sumbawa rocks.......safely enjoy the unique stone-agate of Sumbawa ....