Wednesday, February 11, 2015



When the season stone crazy moments ago struck agate fans throughout Indonesia, so will the fever struck the rock to the territory of West Nusa Tenggara, Sumbawa dikabupaten precisely. No less than other regions in Indonesia, Sumbawa area also has a diversity of precious stones are now more crowded hunted. Type of stone PANCAWARNA, lavender until "Bacan" Lunyuk, the belle agate hunted by collectors today. Throughout the corners of Sumbawa, of mountains, valleys, rivers and coastal dunes are also not spared from the seeker material when it agate. So there is no day without a rock at the time, how the fathers and mothers willing to walk everywhere to try to get materials agate, or hunting in sellers who are ready to sell merchandise agate. Young parents and children mingle and dissolve in the joy of the hobby of collecting agate trend.

The corners of the city of Sumbawa Besar current-decorated storefront storefronts displaying precious stones, the corners of the village, the alleys settlement, foreign taka sound attenuating grinding stones, stimulate the economy of the community. Normally that might work part time can use it to look for additional income, as an ingredient search agate, agate makers and craftsmen, or as a seller of agate. Equally sought as iron rings used to install agate, which on average have to come from the island of Lombok or even the city of Surabaya in Java or another. It resulted in many places in Sumbawa is used as a sales center of agate, for example in shopping galakjango, and stalls are scattered and spread all over the city of Sumbawa large, both day and night stays busy people selling agate, so it is very revive economy here. In fact, many sellers agate came from outside the town of Sumbawa, in fact came from outside the island of Sumbawa, such as from Bima, Mataram, Bakli and the island of Java.

The effect of the trend of the hobby, with officials to ordinary people, rollicking collecting agate rings, stone exhibition also began often held to demonstrate that Sumbawa rich in beautiful rock when it is rubbed into agate and installed dicincin. Bak tit for tat tourism department in collaboration with the community of fans agate in Sumbawa, held an exhibition of agate, which took place in Taman Mangga next to the office of regent Sumbawa, due to the strategic place and the place was newly established as a park open space yan prior to settlement though it actually has the local government land. So with the green open parks, provide benefits for recreation for families and children, and at night the place selling various food Lesbian and also a strategic place to hold events and various events, including exhibitions agate sumbawa.

If you include a collector interested in buying the stones and, for more information, please come directly to Sumbawa or you can also visit the online store stone GEMSTONE SUMBAWA, please visits, negotiation and purchasing. Respectfully.