Monday, December 29, 2014



At the end of December 2014, we travel a time Sumbawa Splash Waterpark, which is located about 10 Km from the town of Sumbawa Besar towards Semongkat, precisely in the village area Pelat. 
To reach the plate area where the presence of this waterpark is not near the town of Sumbawa, we have to travel about 45 minutes to get there, through the streets uphill, because it is a hilly area semongkat areas. Although it looks much, but when undertaken it was only for a moment, and on the way we will not get bored because it can enjoy the natural scenery in the form of rock Lante look much, hills, plantations, valleys and rivers where the lush vegetation add to the beauty of the natural landscape and refreshing sight and mind. Usually within the city has begun a noisy, with out of town a bit it turns out we have found that the area is still quiet, asrei and beautiful scenery, the air is cool so refreshing our bodies.

Perhaps for this new waterpark in big cities in Java, but the presence of Sumbawa Splash Waterpark this, we should give appreciation, because it was willing to provide a vehicle similar to the one in the other islands can be enjoyed by people of Sumbawa, while we know to build a vehicle like that obviously requires substantial capital even up to billions of rupiah to buy land and build the recreation area. So with this vehicle, obviously people sumbawa step forward, because it does not need to come all the way to Java just to try and enjoy the waterpark entertainment, just in Sumbawa alone, there are already adequate waterpark, interesting and beautiful place to visit.

Thats video  atmosphere splash sumbawa  waterpark:

Thats Fotos  at splash sumbawa  waterpark:

In this Waterpark, we are biased enjoy the pool water, which varied with a variety of rides, such as a slide, water waves, even the Flying Fox. Not bad as a means of entertainment and recreation, a refreshing, relieve fatigue working and fill the year-end holidays. Although not yet complete waterpark in Java, but this is already a playground and recreation are quite exciting and modern, and easy to reach from the big city of Sumbawa. Perhaps the only real future air travel organizers, more varisasi complement existing game, so complete and unsaturated visitors enjoy the game that's it, but it will be memorable and one day want to visit kept there. If possible area is expanded with increasing vehicle for the game, because if there is still extensive note field and allows it to be expanded for the sake of full types of games that exist.

Because you can enjoy the waterpark train around this, there is also a fast food restaurant, if you are hungry and want food. Although this type of cuisine on offer is not complete at all, but at least can eliminate hunger and thirst for the visitors, tired and exhausted after playing a lazy river. Affordable prices is also a main attraction for visitors, but it also held the stage performances of songs and music, so that also attract tourists to feel at home there, while playing to enjoy the game Waterpark also enjoy the entertainment lagiu and music from local artists Sumbawa, hopes that also brought national artists that will surely attract many visitors to come enjoy musical entertainment and playing in the waterpark. Welcome traveled in Sumbawa Splash Waterpark .....