Saturday, June 12, 2010



If you come worked on Jakarta, who did not know Monas, National Monument yes, located in downtown Jakarta, the Indonesian nation as a monumental obelisk, where formerly Monas in Jakarta initiated by Soekarno to be established, and finally created the monument Monas peak gold plated and quite high. So Monas was eventually turned into an icon of Jakarta, so that people who see the Monas is to know the city of Jakarta. So basically Monas in Indonesia that the original only in the city of Jakarta just do not exist anywhere else, if there was an imitation only.

But when you come to Sumbawa, you will also find a monument, too, although here the other with the Monas in Jakarta. Why not, we met at Monas this Sumbawa, precisely located in the middle of BTN Bukit Permai housing, namely Monas, Monumen Asam. Why is also called the Monas, because this form of Monumen Asam is tamarind tree located right in the middle of the intersection in the complex BTN Bukit Permai.

Tamarind tree is standing firm with a strong stem, old age decades, even before the reputedly built housing complex, the tamarind tree is already there. When we are under a tamarind tree, we will feel the soothing shade of its leaves, so here is also used to hang children's housing complex and the motorcycle taxi. Tamarind tree also serves as a guide by peoples in Sumbawa when entering the housing BTN Bukit Permai and find addresses of friends, relatives or relatives who would go to, because to achieve the tamarind tree is very easy, so from here can be asking where the block of houses to be on the go.
Over the years, finally this place is getting crowded used to hang young children in the afternoon, when the weather is sunny no rain, just need to be careful as the aging of trees, sometimes there are branches and twigs are broken and fall, so that when it is not could alert people who were sitting under it can be crushed by the falling timber. However, of course this tree can also be used as an icon of this housing, so people can easily look up addresses, after calling the direction of this tree is next mananya. This uniqueness bit and hopefully can add wawsan for you all, especially who came from outside the town of Sumbawa, Sumbawa Besar when one day visit could not hurt to prove yourself see where this monument. Respectfully.