Wednesday, March 28, 2018



Photo Source: Bang Ian G.

Kenawa Island, is a small island located between the islands of Lombok and Sumbawa Island, more precisely located in West Sumbawa regency of West Nusa Tenggara Province. Currently, Kenawa Island has become one of the tourist destinations in Sumbawa Island, after the photos are so viral in social media and electronic media. One of its attractions is the island is located in the blue waters and crystal clear as well as the expanse of green pastures. There is a small hill in the middle of the island increasingly make interested when the eye looked.

Friends of the traveler, to reach Kenawa Island, which is important you have reached the island of Lombok first, of course is easy now because the flight is smooth through BIL (Lombok International Airport, after that we can start the journey from the city of Mataram as the capital of NTB province, Kayangan in East Lombok the long journey is taken about 2 hours to get there.Then continued crossing using the ferry to the Port of Poto Tano in West Sumbawa regency with ticket price of about Rp.20.000, - / person.After arriving at the Port of Poto Tano, we can meet the fishermen who are ready to rent the boat to take us to the island of Kenawa, at a cost of about Rp.250.000 sd Rp.300.000, - / boat with a capacity of about 10 people (go-home) and taken for 20 to 30 minutes to crossing towards Kenawa Island.

Photo Source: Bang V. Medicca

Kenawa Island is an uninhabited island, so if we intend to spend the night in this island, we are required to bring camping equipment, because there is no lodging facilities or hotels, but that is uniqueness. Prepare logistics and medicines and do not forget to bring mosquito repellent lotion. We can feel the atmosphere of free living in the free of an island, the only facility available, is there are some saung that can be used to rest. When the island is very quiet, as if we are on a private island, where free to enjoy the natural beauty that exists, along the savannah with grasses spread wide green. But when entering the dry season grass-grass turned yellowish, and still has its own uniqueness when viewed the eye.

Photo Source: Bang Darwin

Another interesting thing is that we can also do tracking up the hill, so that we can enjoy all parts of the island. In the afternoon is the best time to climb the hill, the sunset view will radiate orange in the sky. In the distance the vaguely visible looks of Rinjani Mountain, and several small islands complement the beauty of natural scenery. We can walk up to the west of the island, where there is an unspoiled mangrove forest. In addition we can also enjoy the beauty of the underwater is still original and beautiful. White sand beach and natural course very interesting to play there, which need to be kept clean by throwing garbage in place.

Once you are satisfied to enjoy the beauty of the attractions of Kenawa Island, there is no harm if you take the time to visit other natural attractions in this Sumbawa Island, especially in the district Sumbawa, which is about 92.9 Km. And can be reached for 1 hour 58 minutes from Port of Poto Tano. There are still many natural and beautiful natural attractions, waiting for your arrival. If you are interested, please visit the natural tourist attractions in this island of Sumbawa. Wassalam.