Thursday, February 15, 2018



Some time ago, when I was on an official trip to the island of Bali, precisely there is a training for twelve days in the city of Singaraja, then on the way to get there, when passing Bedugul tourist area, I took a moment to take pictures for a moment while enjoying the natural scenery Bedugul is very famous to foreign countries. The morning was still quite fresh air, so I landed until Ngurah Rai Airport, then I just take an airport taxi toward Ubung Denpasar Bus Terminal. I do not masung bus terminal, but straight to the food stall, exactly Warung Padang Cuisine. I sempatkan eat as much, while sitting around waiting for travel transport passing the front of the food stall. Sure enough, then through a kind of travel minibus transportation that offered me to go up to Singaraja city. When asked by the driver, I said down near Terminal Sangket Kota Singaraja. The journey to get there can be reached about two hours drive, and even then if the traffic is smooth, especially because through the tourist area Bedugul. It was precisely what I was waiting for, to Bedugul I visited when I was a high school teenagers over a dozen years ago around 1991. So curious as to what the current bedugul atmosphere. When it reached Bedugul area, the traffic was quite crowded and almost jammed, due to pas pas simultaneously the tourists, especially students and students from Java Island came with hundreds of buses.

At that moment, several passengers who boarded our travels suggesting a driver pack to stop just a moment to unwind and travel enjoying the panoramic view of the natural beauty of Bedugul Lake. Imagine, to reach the top Bedugul this is not easy, the road is quite high up and derivatives are quite steep, of course very challenging for motorists and motorists. This is a plateau area on the top of the mountain, because after I noticed in Google Earth and Google Maps, it turns out this is a lake that was once a mountain crater. Even I noticed that there are so many foreign tourists, prefer to rent a motorcycle from Denpasar and climbed itself to Bedugul Lake although the risk is quite high, especially if you do not know the twists and turns here will have an accident. Sure enough, when we go down, the atmosphere is getting crowded, even though we enjoyed photographs perpetuate the atmosphere and the crowd of this Bedugul Peak. Back there I can see the beauty of Lake Bedugul, the natural atmosphere is still beautiful, and the scenery of people on speed boat, row of people selling souvenirs and Balinese food is still very crowded. If you come there and want to enjoy Bedugul with a long time, in there you can stay in Losmen and hotel there with a variety of prices offered. 

And that is not less interesting for me to take is on the edge of the jungle area Bedugul area is still a lot of wandering monkeys on the side of the road, to wait for visitors and tourists to be given food, because there are also banana merchants selling bananas that can be purchased visitors to be given to the monkeys. Moment as it is certainly very unique and interesting to be immortalized when visiting there. The views of the mountain and lake Bedugul provide a charming combination, so we do not get bored with it. 

About half an hour we are there, we continue the journey to the city of Singaraja Bali. Travel there is more impressive, because the scenery along the right and left of the road is very beautiful to be enjoyed. Also fitting to coincide with durian fruit season, so along the side of the road to Singaraja many people sell Durian, adding to the festive atmosphere because many tourists who stop to eat and taste the durian fruit typical of Bali. Other attractions also exist, such as Git-Git Waterfall and later when it comes to Singaraja, we can visit Lovina Beach, Panimbangan Beach, Singaraja Square and so forth. So little experience of the streets in Bedugul to go to Singaraja city. Wassalam.