Friday, November 10, 2017

Tour Destination: Git-Git Waterfall, Buleleng Bali

Git-Git Waterfall, Buleleng Bali
(Twin, Campuhan)

Some time ago, I got the task of studying to Singaraja Bali, so indirectly actually while traveling as well. Incidentally because of its destination to Singaraja then through the tourist area Bedugul, Lake Buyan and so forth. Indeed, to reach to Singaraja we have to go up a road that is climbing high enough, so it is expected to prepare themselves with a vehicle fit and maximum. After passing Bedugul, the next tourist attraction that we passed is Git-Git Waterfall which is located alongside the highway to Singaraja. Because we know together, most of the waterfall location in Bali is in the area of ​​northern Bali. Precisely in Buleleng Regency, and one of them is Git-Git Buleleng Bali waterfall. Location Gitgit waterfall Buleleng Bali is located in the Village of Gunung Luwih, Gitgit, North Bali precisely in Buleleng Regency. If you depart from Terminal Ubung Denpasar, will travel about 80 kilometers with travel time about 2 hours 30 minutes trip. Alternative vehicles that you can use, such as public transport a kind of mini bus, and only pay the cost of IDR 25 thousand only, or using a car chartered from Denpasar, or even rent a motorcycle from Denpasar. 

The location of Gitgit waterfall Buleleng Bali is easier to reach, compared to other waterfall locations in Buleleng such as Sekumpul waterfall or Munduk waterfall. Easy to find the location of the Gitgit waterfall because of the location of Gitgit waterfall not too far from the highway that connects Denpasar, Bedugul with the city of Singaraja (the capital of Buleleng Regency). On the way to Gitgit waterfall, you will pass through Bedugul tourist area. An attractive tourist attraction in Bedugul Bali is a botanical garden with cool air and attractions Beratan Bedugul lake. The road to the location of the waterfall Gitgit already with hot mix asphalt. However, because the location of the waterfall is in the mountains, the road will be many inclines and tortuous derivatives, sometimes the road will be shrouded in fog that makes visibility to be short.

 Foto source: Bang Willy

Once you arrive at the parking lot of Gitgit waterfall object, to go to Gitgit waterfall entrance you have to walk about 50 meters through the stairs with paving stone floor and there is a iron barrier along the path. During the trip by foot to the Gitgit waterfall entrance counter, you will see the rice field scenery with a rustic atmosphere, as well as past some clove gardens and coffee gardens. Every visitor who will enter the area attractions Gitgit waterfall charged entrance fee Rp. 5000 / adult and Rp 3,000 / child. The swift flow of water and fresh air in the waterfall Gitgit already you can feel if it was at the counter entrance, but you still have to walk to reach the location of Gitgit waterfall. During the journey to the location of Gitgit waterfall, you will pass a little winding path and past several stalls selling Balinese souvenirs, as well as kiosks that provide food and drink. Fatigue that is felt after walking will be paid after you see a waterfall that fell from the top of the cliff with a height of about 48 meters. Gitgit waterfall is the highest waterfall in Bali. The flow of Gitgit waterfall is very clear and still natural is perfect if you wish to bathe. Traveling to the Gitgit waterfall is not only the waterfall Gitgit waterfall you can see, but there are four other waterfalls with locations close together. You are interested in a tour to the waterfall, please come to Git-Git Waterfall in Singaraja, Buleleng Bali Indonesia.