Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tour To Sumbawa Splash Waterpark 2017

Tour To Sumbawa Splash Waterpark 2017

Not felt, already three years ago our family visited the waterpark in the area Plate towards Semongkat this. Several years ago, when we traveled here, the road was still asphalt smooth, because it had just been repaired, but a few days ago when we were there, the streets had started to deteriorate, so the need for renovation by the government. The left-hand side of the road is in the process of making a culvert for the smooth disposal of water, so a lot of piles of rock and sand materials will be used to make this culvert, so it is necessary to be careful and vigilant when passing through it, which causes the streets also become narrowed. When we leave the atmosphere is quite bright, a little cloudy so not too hot, but when it gets there the weather back light. Entering the motorcycle, still looks lonely because the new clock shows at ten in the morning, there are only about four motorcycles and 2 cars that have been parked. Deliberately we are a little early in the morning so the atmosphere is not too crowded, and the pool water is still quite clear and clean because few people who play and bathe there. Enter the gate, pay at the counter, tickets for adult twenty-five thousand and children fifteen thousand, motorcycle parking two thousand dollars. The price is quite affordable for the community at large, from the middle to bottom.

After entering the waterpark area, we go directly to the dressing room, but when we get there, we are quite disappointed, because the cabinets or lockers provided we can not use anymore, because it has a lot of broken and missing the key. So after we change our clothes for swimming, we have to bring all the bags and clothes to the pool waterpark, we put on the tables or benches provided for visitors, and we have to supervise our own goods, make less comfortable we have to while watching Our belongings, the advantages gained for bringing many family members, so that it can take turns guarding the luggage. After that we rent the tire as a float, with enough to pay ten thousand rupiah only. Once inside the pond, it feels cold initially we feel the water here, but after that it will feel fresh. 

Our visit this time feels different, because there is already our son as a complement to the family, because his two sisters are women. My son is very happy to enjoy a cold shower here, although initially a little timid. During the day the sun was blazing too, so we had time to take shelter while eating first, because we did not have breakfast. The atmosphere is still quiet we use the best possible, because after one hour past the visitors more and more, add to the hustle and bustle of this waterpark atmosphere. Quite surprised also when my son who is number one, met his intimate friend of kindergarten, so add to the festive atmosphere. After a while bathing, I had time to walk around the waterpark, it turns out after I observe, many rides-game rides that once worked, now it is not working and even damaged. However, however cool and comfortable sushi in this waterpark makes us not feel it's been there long enough, around three o'clock in the afternoon we decided to finish bathing. Rushing our bath rinsing with clean water, changing clothes and keep going home. That was a bit of our holiday some time ago at Sumbawa Splash Waterpark, if you are interested please come here, which would be easy to find the location of this Waterpark, wassalam.