Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Rafting Location, Batu Mekar Village Lingsar West Lombok

 Tour Rafting Location, Batu Mekar Village  
Lingsar West Lombok

Sumber Foto: Gatra Sandhika

Batu Mekar Village Tour besides presenting the scenery of lush rice fields and green hills, this place is also used as the location of rafting. The rush of streams in the wedge by the rocks becomes a challenge for tourists to try white water rafting, Batu Mekar Village district Lingsar. For you and the family who visit this place will be treated to beautiful scenery and a quiet rural atmosphere on the left side of the river in the pass. A natural landscape with a rushing river flow, especially for tourists who love rafting.

Sumber Foto: Gatra Sandhika

Lombok Rafting or rafting tour package is an adrenaline tour package with a very high level of challenge, some of our highly appreciated reviews are guests who feel very proud and full of enthusiasm in following the flow of water flow full of heavy challenges. This tourist location located on the edge of the city of Mataram precisely in the village Lingsar Narmada District, the location of the tour package is in a place that is still beautiful and natural, your footprints will follow the trail trail is filled with a sprig of nail trees that are like a forest, this place Never touched by human hands.

Sumber Foto: Gatra Sandhika

Lombok Rafting or rafting tour has its basecamp located in BatuMekar village, Lingsar, West Lombok, along with the central selling location of Karang Bayan durian. This basecamp is located in the finish line of the river rafting route so you need time to get to the start rafting in the upper river, its own river called Jangkok River which empties into Ampenan Beach. Pickup with a jeep or jeep is done as a means of transportation to the upstream start rafting where the tracks are quite stressful, the winding track will provide its own tension when driving off-road, we pass the plantation with durian and rambutan harvest that has been famous for lombok. To get to the location of his start, we will be delivered by the crew using a pickup truck. Arriving at the Start location, the excitement begins, one by one inflatable boats slide, where one boat with another is spaced several minutes.