Monday, July 10, 2017

Aimual Village of Lantung Sumbawa Sub District becomes Rainbow Village

Aimual Village of Lantung Sumbawa Sub District 
becomes Rainbow Village

Sumber Foto: Bang Topan&Bang Darwin

The concept of beautifying a settlement becomes more attractive with the colorful paint, actually has long existed in Indonesia. In Yogyakarta, Kali Code ramparts have started in the nineties, then in Malang East Java also began two thousand years ago, essentially as one of the efforts to attract visitors and tourists, so the settlement becomes one of the tourist destinations. Similarly, in Aimual Village Lantung Sub-district began to transform into Kampung Pelangi or colorful hometown that gives a bright feel as a real form of process Lenting District Lantung in accordance with the Motto Kecamatan "Lantung Berbenah". The process of coloring all parts of the existing building whether houses, meeting rooms, to the yard began to be done by the Community of Aimual Village with a passion towards Kampung Pelangi which is one of the Icon Festival Kampung Syahdu Lantung in September. The Process Towards Kampung Pelangi Begins, Slow And Will Be Realized. This Habitat will Culture Continuously, Every Morning before to Rice Field and Other Activities. Society Ensure Doing It. Starting from the creative idea of ​​Tim Lantung Berbenah, staining starting from the roof of the building until the war in the village of Aimual is welcomed by all levels of society. "We are together with the creative team of Lantung Berbenah trying to apply and make Aimual Village become Kampung Pelangi. It has got good response from the society. Today people are seen arranging House yard, giving bright color color on wall to roof of house. Added Mr. Aswar as Acting Head of Aimual Village.

Sumber Foto: Bang Topan&Bang Darwin

In addition to be known as Kampung Pelangi, Aimual Village will also be known as Culinary Village. Each Head of Household will present various traditional cuisine of Sumbawa which will be centered in Bagunan Desa as center of Culinary Tour. Apart from the Event Festival Kampung Syahdu Lantung District, the spirit and enthusiasm of the Community will continue to develop the potential of this Culinary Village on an ongoing basis. Now the people of Lantung sub-district are beginning to have awareness about the potential of tourism potential and start developing SMEs and Home Industry. The awareness is in the form of friendly service and welcome to tourists, creating creative ideas and creating economic creations. Lantung Sub-district is well known for the quality of Forest Honey and Paddy Lantung, these two excellent products will be a hand for tourists who come to visit. The village of Ai Mual has been plotted into Kampung Pelangi which presents traditional village scenery with colorful rainbow (coloring house of the people). Besides visitors enjoy the beautiful rainbow 'land' also can feel the delicious culinary typical of mount Lantung including dishes Tele Tamoar, Rebong Tunung, Flour Sate, Wajik Parku, Pindang Blek, Timung Linung, and others. While in Lantung Village, visitors are involved in the agro-tourism harvest with agro-crop festival throughout the houses of the people. Well, if you are interested, please come to Aimual Village, Kecamatan lantung Sumbawa Regency, which is about 41.9 Km from the center of Sumbawa Besar, or it takes about 1 hour 7 minutes, via Jalan Lintas Sumbawa and Jalan Lintas Langam-Ropang . Welcome to Sumbawa.