Monday, June 12, 2017

Lariti Beach in Sape Bima, Sumbawa Island NTB

Lariti Beach in Sape Bima, Sumbawa Island NTB

Sumber foto: Ian Gatra Sandhika

Lariti Beach is one of the beach tourist destination on the island of Sumbawa, the uniqueness is you can see the sea split in two, like the story of Prophet Moses when chased by Pharaoh's army, and you will also feel the sensation of walking on the sea water. Lariti Beach is located in the southern region of Bima Regency, precisely Soro Village, District Lambu Sape. The beach location is not far from Sape Port, the gateway that connects Sumbawa Island and Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara. From Bima City, this beach can be taken one hour drive trip. For those who do not bring their own vehicle, available rental car Rp 500.000 per day or motorcycle rental Rp 150.000 per day. 

Entering the area of ​​the south of the district of 4,374.65 square kilometers, it will look the original color of the mountainous region and only got the rainy season less than three months in one year. In the rainy season, the area looks green by trees. However, the tree stands and shrubs are barren and brown when burned by the hot sun. The rocks also poked through the slopes of the land of textured ground rock hills. The transience continues into Soro Village, the road to Lariti Beach. The wheels of the wheels slow down the barren hill, run over the dusty, dusty roads that just diuruk, and around the pond pond pond that is in the process of development. 

From the top of the hill looks a few small islands accompanied by the color of sea water, which seemed connected from the Coast of Lariti to the Indonesian Ocean. From a distance seen panoramic Beach Lariti in the form of coral reefs as the road stretches across the sea along the 100 meters from the beach until Nisa Lampa Jaram, the island of horse algae grazing alias land. The sea that looks split in two 20-meter wide is like in the story of Prophet Musa AS. After dipping his wand, the Red Sea parted two. It was through the aisle that Moses and his people walked away from the pursuit of Pharaoh's army. Well, friend of the traveler, if you are interested please come to the beach of Lariti, to get there, there are many alternatives of land and air transport. Please enjoy unique nature tour at Lariti Beach, Bima District, on Sumbawa Island NTB.