Tuesday, March 7, 2017



Tanjung Menangis, is actually a sea lane area located in Sumbawa, the existence dealing with Moyo Island. This place became famous because the scenery is exotic enough to be enjoyed. For travelers who passed through the archipelago, may be familiar with the tourist objects that already exist in the city, but for this to tourism Tanjung Menangis, must go through the struggle that exciting, either by land, or by boat. Distance from the city of Sumbawa Besar to the object is pretty far cry headland, about 15 km's from the city center. But today, if you want to get there by land, it is now able by road fairly easily, because the access road to get there is already started asphalting. From the city came out a little still be on asphalt roads, but getting into how to get there, the road is still hardening, but at least this time getting easy access to the area.

In this Tanjung Menangis we will see a view of the expanse of rocks that form the cape, with strong and ferocious overhanging the sea, as if challenging the ocean, was not deterred even if hit by strong sea waves and ferocious. For those who like a challenge, there could be done through the activities of fishing, diving or diving because the water clarity and underwater scenes are good when the sea is calm, and if lucky to enjoy the appearance of a herd of dolphins in the waters of the Tanjung Menangis area. Tanjung menangis become one of the icons of Sumbawa travel, due to its uniqueness, which could not be separated from a story Legend of the Land of Samawa, the Legend Tanjung Menangis .....

Legend Tanjung Menangis

Tanjung menangis the name of the promontory located in the eastern part of the island of Sumbawa. In ancient times, the daughter of Datu Samawa very strange disease, there was no one in the entire country that can cure Samawa. Datu Samawa has done a variety of ways to cure his daughter. He has been to his fellow leaders, namely to Datu Datu Dompu and Bima to find a magic healer who can cure his daughter, but the results still nil.

Years princess strange disease, but there is no person or physician who can heal. One day, Datu Samawa making contest for all people across the country. Whoever is able to cure the princess then for him to be awarded the prize. When she was a woman it would serve as a foster child. However, if male, it will become law, and married to the princess.

This contest spread to Sulawesi island on the other side. Have many doctors who try to follow this saymebara but not one who managed to cure the princess. One day, along came a frail old man to the residence of Datu Samawa. He comes from the land Ujung Pandang and introduced himself by name Daeng Ujung Pandang. He had heard about the strange disease that affects the master's daughter and wanted to try to treat the princess when God Almighty mengijinkan.Dengan the power of Allah, through the hands and the knowledge Daeng Ujung Pandang, the princess was cured as usual.

In accordance with his promise, it was time for Datu Samawa to pay a promise to Daeng Ujung Pandang who had healed her daughter. As he had promised, he should marry his daughter with Daeng Ujung Pandang. However, because the physical look Daeng Ujung Pandang elderly frail and stooped too, Datu Samawa was not willing to marry his daughter with Daeng Ujung Pandang. Datu Samawa ultimately change the prize of the contest.

Daeng Ujung Pandang by Datu Samawa are welcome to take as many possessions, whatever you want to him, provided Daeng willing to not marry the princess. Daeng Ujung Pandang felt very insulted by the attitude Datu. He refused to take any penny treasures from the palace. With a heart cut, he went back to Ujung Pandang using a small boat that is anchored on a promontory.

Samawa Datu daughter felt sorry to see the disappointment in the eyes Daeng Ujung Pandang, he was followed Daeng Makassar to the headland. When the daughter of Datu Samawa arrived at the port, at the same, Ujung Pandang Daeng just up his boat. Of the power of God, Daeng Ujung Pandang the elderly is transformed into a handsome young man peerless when it has set foot on the boat.

Seeing this, the daughter of Datu Samawa cry, regret the decision taken by his father and wept for how miserable it feels to be left someone new he loved, Daeng Ujung Pandang. Sobbing, the daughter ran after the canoe Daeng Ujung Pandang until the middle of the sea without realizing he began to sink. This causes Datu Samawa princess died at sea while crying. Finally, until now promontory where the princess and Ujung Pandang split Daeng is called TanjungMenangis to commemorate the tragic story between these two beings.