Sunday, March 12, 2017



Some time ago, when we run the streets to spend vacation time, our family stopped at a diner, the diner dishes typical of Yogya in the city of Sumbawa Besar this. It's been a lot of food stalls that selling cuisines of Java that are here, but specifically this shop, fervently desired and awaited its existence by people who want to enjoy the typical cuisine of Yogyakarta. Because we understand together, a lot of immigrants who have long settled in Sumbawa Besar is from Yogya, including me, want to enjoy the typical dishes of the back there. Additionally lovers who come to this shop are genuine people Sumbawa Besar who had migrated to Java, especially college in the city of Yogyakarta. So many children Sumbawa college there, so that local governments Sumbawa, mengusakhakan their student dorm Sumbawa in Yogyakarta city, so if they have graduated from college and returned to Sumbawa, still love also dishes typical of Yogya, because they had enjoyed many years during their college.

To achieve this shop is not difficult, because you can ask the people in this city where the existence of this shop, because it is used to be near traffic light intersection Kaharudin turn left before the bridge frame of steel, precisely on Jalan canal Cambodia, right, but now has moved shifted a bit after the bridge is on the right road. Although shifted a bit away, but instead there was standing a few food stalls also sell cuisines of Java, among others eat Warung Putra Jogja, Sidodadi, stalls Rujak Cingur bu Anik and so forth, so it is already quite crowded and easy to reach. In the past when it still occupies the old shop near the traffic light that, where narrow fitting side of the road so as to sit down to enjoy the food less convenient and vehicle parking is almost non-existent because the right side of the road near asphalt, but now the place is quite comfortable because of spacious and land parking spacious enough for dozens of motorcycle and several cars. So when the moment came to this shop, you will find it convenient to enjoy the food and parking the vehicle safely.

Once you arrive in this shop, you will be welcomed with the hospitality typical of Yogya, so that once presented with a printout of the food menu and then order, then wait no longer a dish already will be provided upon request. The menu offered was varied, there is a dish Tongseng Kambing, Tongseng Ayam, Thengkleng Kambing, Thengkleng Ayam, Bakmi Godhog, Soto Ayam, Soto Babat, Various nasi goreng, capcay etc. are fairly complete and menu drink too diverse, including iced tea, iced lemon, hot drinks and others. In this occasion I ordered Tongseng Kambing, after ordering and waiting a few moments, I eat straight away. Flavor spiced sauce quite tasty and scrumptious, goat meat is also tasty and tender, coupled with fresh green cabbage and tomato slices that add taste. As for the drinks as usual I ordered my favorite drink is iced lemon. While my wife and kids wear ordered special fried rice chicken gizzard which became their favorite, and drink sweet iced tea is refreshing. Not waiting for a long time, the food on the plate before we had our meal, feel full and satisfactory in our stomachs, so there goes the hunger that feels from the last because it was tired of the streets around the city of Sumbawa Besar, and we paid the cashier and departed for home to our home. Well, for those of you tourists from Indonesia and abroad, for example from the United States, Britain, Canada or other European countries, when one day all of you who are visiting the city Sumbawa Besar and being hungry, please come to this shop to enjoy food specialties Yogyakarta existing in the town of Sumbawa Besar. Please visit, respectfully.