Saturday, February 4, 2017



To reach the city of Sumbawa Besar, once you arrive in Lombok, you just have to move on, for example using Damri bus route Mataram-Sumbawa with ticket prices around Rp.130.000, - per person, or using a fleet of Travel (mini bus) with a ticket price of about Rp.140.000, - per person, and the price could change at any time, with a travel time of about 4-5 jam trip when smoothly, because it depends on the weather, long crossings using ferries, long queuing time on a ship. etc. berthing time. Or if you want more quickly, please use the aircraft, can take the route from the Lombok International Airport (BIL) to the Sultan Kaharudin in Brangbiji Sumbawa Besar, the journey only normally takes 25 minutes to reach the town of Sumbawa Besar. Now there are some selection of airlines serving service flights Mataram Sumbawa Besar, among others, Garuda Indonesia and Lion / Wing Air, which has pegged the price of tickets varied around Rp.350.000, - per person. you can get a cheaper price if it can be a ticket promo, with far-away message passenger ticket and quiet moments, or even could be more expensive tickets and the time when the message suddenly crowded passenger.
Once you reach the city of Sumbawa Besar, your journey has not been completed, and still have to travel about 30 km to reach Waterfall Ai Beling takes about 1.5 hours. You may be able to rest before the city of Sumbawa Besar, because around Brangbiji service, also has many hotels and Inns that can be rented for a brief rest and prepare supplies of course. after from the town of Sumbawa big, it will go through in Brang Rea, and they traveled again around 6 km to really up to Niagara AiBeling. Although the way to the location is quite steep, but this time was pretty good and the road is paved. Ai Beling waterfall is located in the hamlet of Kuang Amo, Village Sempe, Brang Rea, District Moyo Hulu, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). When interpreted in Indonesian, Ai Beling has the meaning of "Water Talk", quite unique when discussed why can use the name Ai Beling, According to some stories from existing sources, said the waterfall is named Ai Beling since heard the sound of the cry of a woman in this  waterfall location, which could not be separated from the existence of a local legend, which a little later we tell below this article. Waterfall Ai Beling, has a beautiful natural charm, where your eyes will not get enough to look at this waterfall. One special characteristic that is characteristic of this waterfall, and can distinguish with other waterfalls are due storey stone structure, and the number of tree leaves that add a wonderful view. Vehicles used to be there, it would be much better to use two wheels, and this journey we will be treated to beautiful scenes of unspoiled, verdant trees, the sound of chirping birds, and other animals, for example monkey mountain. So it is not surprising that we would feel the sensation that is really fun. after going through a challenging and tiring journey, then we will arrive at Waterfall Ai Beling, tiredness and fatigue will vanish and paid off when we see the sights and feel the cool water Ai Beling Falls.

Legend story Waterfall Ai Beling.

Regarding this story there are some things that can indeed little to tell from the information obtained. The following story goes like this, Once there was a king who wanted to marry his daughter to a man who became his father's choice, but the son of the king did not want this match because his son had had a lover.
Hearing his son's decision the king was angry and not allow her to leave the house and meet the man she loved it. Because too harsh pressure from the father of the princess escape to a waterfall, where he paused and pondered why his father did not agree with the choice of the man she loved. In the end, without thinking of the princess suicide at the tip of a river waterfall. And finally he died in a suicide attempt this. When one day there was a resident there who want to approach the location near the waterfall he suddenly cries on hearing a woman's voice is very clear and it was not just one person who has ever heard the screams cries of women but others are also heard. Until now the residents who live around the site believe that the ghost of the girl still lives there. That is why it is called the Waterfall Ai Beling.