Saturday, January 14, 2017



For those travelers from the United States or Europe, who is accustomed to travel to Bali, may have already saturated with beaches that are there, then there's nothing wrong if you want to try a visit to the beaches is a tourist attraction on the island of Lombok, or even to beaches on the island of Sumbawa famous virgin and original to be enjoyed. one of which is a beautiful beach on the island of Lombok, known as the Pink Beach. Pink Beach Lombok is actually a nickname or other name of the beach Tangsi. Tangsi words in Indonesian Dictionary means dormitories or barracks, so many assumptions if once the beach was once used as the headquarters of the Japanese army. This is reinforced by the discovery of artificial caves and also a cannon Japanese heritage not far from the beach. Tourist attractions in East Lombok is called Pink Beach because of the color of sand on this beach looks a little reddish or pink. This beach is located in the village of Sekaroh, a small village in the district Jerowaru, East Lombok. Unusual color is what makes the beach or the beach Tangsi Pink as a unique and wonderful place to visit when traveling to the island of Lombok.

Beaches with these characteristics can also be found on Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara Tangsi Beach Location / Pink beach quite far from the city of Mataram, so it takes about two hours to get to this location. The route is exactly the same as Routes to Tanjung Ringgit, because the two adjacent locations. However, the entrance of Turkish Tangsi located approximately 1 km before Tanjung Ringgit. Note there is writing on the roadside PINK beach 50 meters away, from where you are a short walk to the location of Pink Beach Lombok.
Actually, the color of sand at Pink Beach in Lombok is the same as the beaches in general, is white. However, here the sand mixed with fragments of coral reef smooth reddish, so it looks from afar like a sand-colored pink. This pink color will be more apparent as the sand exposed to sea water, especially if the weather when it's sunny.

In addition to the typical sand beaches, Pink Beach also has a very impressive natural scenery. Desekeliling coast there are cliffs are quite high and also berugak (a kind of cottage / pavilion) on it which are provided for tourists to enjoy the beach and the expanse of the open sea beautiful. Aroma typical sea water, the beach and the wind blowing sound of the waves that hit the reef makes the heart and mind that visit here to be quiet.
Pink Beach flows fairly quiet with very small waves, so this place is perfect for those who want to travel and encourage your child to play around. In addition, time to snorkel here, and you will be amazed by the coral reefs were very beautiful. However, there are some points that coral reefs damaged by anchors local fishing boats. Visitors also can not only enjoy the natural beauty of the Pink Beach, we also can hire a local fishing boat to get around in the cluster of small islands (Gili) located approximately 2 km from the shore. Fishing boats containing 10-12 people can be hired only by paying fees 10,000 per person. You are interested pal ... please visit ...