Saturday, February 11, 2017

Floods Hit Sumbawa Besar City 2017

Floods Hit Sumbawa Besar City

We all know that the current season in Indonesia is the rainy season, and this was possible during the last stage of the rainy season as well as peak, so the weather was followed by rain and strong winds hit almost all areas in Indonesia. It also includes hitting the mainland island of Sumbawa in West Nusa Tenggara. Some time ago when very heavy rainfall, the water coming from upstream rivers that pass through the city center brangbiji sumbawa overflow resulting in floods and inundates homes that position very close to the river or even residing along the river.
A few weeks ago the floods hit the area karang dima and labuhan badas, so many people who are victims and had to evacuate from the flood, and does not cause loss of life or death. But a few days ago, precisely on Thursday, February ninth day yesterday, the water flooding and came back bigger, so that most of the existing settlements flooded river bank experiencing high enough even to the roof of the house. At this time the flood areas in Sumbawa Besar town is directly affected by the floods, for example samapuin area, pungka, perate, brangbara, brangbiji and labuhan badas. The water had started coming felt at night, so there is still time to inhabitants packing to flee and save their belongings. So that today many places-angle corner of town Sumbawa Besar was used as a place of refuge, for example in the overhang of shops, houses a safe, a community center has government agencies, be a place for refuge while monitoring the state of their homes were left up to a safe state, for which it is feared is re-flooding due to rainfall aftershocks were still rain upstream.

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When such is needed sense of social responsibility and social solidarity of the community to help our brothers and sisters who suffered from the flood. A wide variety of needs, from food, beverages, blankets, medicines and even Pampers and milk for infants, a much-needed and awaited the assistance by our brother. Schools whose students unfortunate, of course, also need support, especially moral support, to continue to be patient and stay motivated to face this ordeal, awaiting a safe atmosphere and keep going back to school. Although just a pack of rice aid, it will be invaluable to them when something bad happens like this. We also hope that local and central government immediately intervene to help nominally, in order to diminish his suffering through a variety of assistance to expect. To that for the citizens of the whole world, if you are willing to give help and donations, please transfer to the following account number, Bank Mandiri 1450006891028, for we distribute for our brothers who are in need.

Our future as a society also hopes the local government through the disaster management agency area already prepare themselves, including by setting up post observations upper watershed there, to be able to detect when there is a potential flow of water in large quantities can lead to flash floods as it happened some time this ago. In addition, the use of information and technology for early detection of the existence of potential flooding are likely to hit the city. In addition we expect the government to think about relocating to those who are on the riverbed, to move the stricken settlements safer from flooding. Hopefully soon the flood receded and no flooding aftershocks, sunny weather may soon end up wet, so it ended the floods and suffering in part townspeople Sumbawa Besar. Stay patient and spirit, disaster may soon come to an end, people's lives back normal. Respectfully.