Saturday, November 5, 2016



Welcome to the foreign tourists and domestic wherever you are, maybe you are in the United States, Britain, France, in the countries of Europe and Southeast Asia including tourists from Indonesia, if one day you come to Indonesia, specifically traveled to the island Sumbawa, of course, the  first time destination is the city of Sumbawa Besar, because therein consists Sultan Kaharudin (Brangbiji) which melayanai route from various tourist cities in Indonesia, such as Mataram and Denpasar. With the ease of transportation, then it is expected the number of tourists who want to visit to enjoy the beauty and authenticity of tourism objects in Sumbawa.

The fact that there is now, after Lombok Island became one of the top tourist destinations, then the effect is good, then Sumbawa also be further tourist destination. There are very many tourist objects in Sumbawa is unspoiled and original, as well as many who have not been exposed to so many who do not know, but has a beauty that is quite amazing to be enjoyed and visited, both the natural attractions of mountains, beaches, reservoirs and other etc.

No less interesting is the culinary diversity that is in Sumbawa, various kinds of traditional dishes still exist, such as Sepat, Singang, Gecok and others. Plus the types of foods and snacks that are too diverse kinds, such as manjareal, buffalo milk candy, jelly seaweed and lainj forth. For those of you who like seafood, in this occasion we recommend to visit Rumah Makan Seafood Sidodadi, because here you can order a wide variety of processed marine fish menu. To reach this place is not difficult, at the center of the city, specifically in Cambodia Canal Street, or after Bridge Steel framework, located right next to PAUD Insan Kamil. If you pass this way, must have met since the name on board  also very large.

Homeowners are pack Wasino meal derived from Yogyakarta, a dozen years he has been living in a big sumbawa and by selling these foods. klau you up here immediately greeted with friendly service, so that our guests will also love and satisfied service here, in addition to the delicious food when in meal. On this day when we visited I ordered rice menu cap cay and my son loves the fried noodle dishes. Shortly after the message is already in the food we serve and eat. Feels good on the tongue and filling the stomach, had paid off our hunger with delicious cuisine here.
You are interested, please visit Dating, messages and enjoy the food there, hope you are satisfied. Respectfully.