Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ice Green Bean Porridge near Sumbawa Shopping center

Ice Green Bean Porridge near Sumbawa Shopping center

Many people who say, if you come to sumbawa besar city, not to complete it, if not stop fierce Galak Jango shopping area. Because in addition to the shopping complex, lined traders assortment of food and drinks. Is there a variety of cuisines, ranging from goat soup, gado-gado, satay, and chicken satay. For this type there is ice mixed drink, ice setup, iced fruit and iced green bean porridge. Well, not complete enough, to satisfy hunger and thirst when you wish to stop by the kiosk. You can pass the path ahead Tk Son password or passed in front of shops in addition to Bank NTB, please say you could easily reach this place.

That morning the story was invited streets children, because it was hungry and thirsty we stopped off in the shopping area. Hot atmosphere makes very thirsty, so instead we just want to drink alone. So we immediately rush to-one kiosk and ordered Ice Porridge Green Beans. After waiting a while, before we have served bowls containing the full Ice Mung Bean Porridge. Soon we enjoyed the dish, the composition of the sweet taste of sugar, and the flavor so typical green beans, combined with a savory coconut milk and fresh aroma add taste. Because maybe we are thirsty, not feel briefly Es Green bean porridge in bowl we've said exhausted. He wanted to add but the stomach already feels fully occupied, so we while waiting children finished eating while sitting alone.

A unique taste of natural green bean blend from sumbawa that makes ice green beans is quite famous here and is renowned for its delicious taste. Drinking just one cup a tongue feels good, but still not satisfied, while that drinking two cups made quite a glut. It is up to your visitors, just enjoy it as much a dish that is unique in this market area, in addition you can also find a variety of dishes in the stalls are lined up here. There is a hodgepodge, satay chicken, satay, mutton soup, mixed ice and other things that await your arrival.

After we finished eating, we continue to pay, it turns out a bowl of porridge Ice Kacang Hijau, the price is only eight thousand rupiah, prices are still affordable pockets of the middle class, according to the good taste refreshing. For that one day when you come to the town of Sumbawa Besar NTB, simply for taking the time, stop by and enjoy a refreshing drink that is fun, that this Green Beans Ice slurry. You have nothing to lose and bored when it tasted, even you may be addicted to drink and drink again. If you are curious please Dating, usually kiosk is already open at nine in the morning and close around four stau five. You are interested and curious, please visit Sumbawa Besar.