Saturday, October 8, 2016

Food Stalls "Bang Joe"

Food Stalls "Bang Joe"

The streets in the afternoon, we deliberately intend to look for food, because the stomach is hungry. After touring the town of Sumbawa Besar while, finally we walked the streets, we finally reached the road Kaharudin 91. That is where we encountered a simple restaurant, which occupies the stall overhang, ie Public Eating "Bang Joe". which uses rombong that can be encouraged, but there is also provided a table and chairs for dining in place and the plastic chairs for seating diners waiting and ordered food to take home.
These stalls in the frontage bang Joe for taking the name of the owner of this shop itself, he origin of Pemalang in Central Java, but long live and trade in sumbawa besar city. I know him since bang Joe still sells a range of drinks and toast near Sumbawa district police office, working on a skipper. It is said that after many experience and capital enough bang Joe finally dared to try and sell itself, dishes that await your arrival, to make you feel the pleasure of the various types of cuisine bang Joe.


The place is quite strategic because it is exactly the road edge, fitted near the entrance of the Gang Teratai, quite clean and comfortable place to enjoy and eating food. Menu ditawarkanpun variety of types and price is very affordable bags for residents of medium and among students as well as students. The food menu is fried rice, fried noodles and Mie Kuah only cost Rp. 13.000, - only, while for a wide variety of beverages Avocado Juice and Dragon Fruit Juice priced at 10,000, -, whereas the Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Carrot Juice, Juice Melon, Watermelon Juice appreciated Rp.8000, - besides Pineapple Juice and Juice tomatoes appreciated Rp.7000, -; Ice Orange / Warm and Ice Lime appreciated Rp.5000, -; Ice Tea / Warm Rp.4000, -.

When you come here, soon will be served directly readily and quickly by Bang Joe, so that consumers and customers are satisfied with the service and flavors served, less complete it if you walk around the city of Sumbawa Besar and were intending foraging for bowels hungry, if not stopped by the Public Eating Bang Joe. Your curious friend, please come, messages and enjoy the food menu available, guaranteed you full and satisfied. Welcome and try .....