Saturday, April 30, 2016



Some time ago, people in Indonesia shocked by the news of a large diamond, owned by someone from Sulawesi. An old grandfather, named Major (Retired) Garising, 81 years old, which is touted to have a diamond weighing 222 grams, intends to sell the gem it was worth Rp 6.9 trillion to help pay the national debt.

"Diamonds valued at Rp 6.9 trillion, not to mention other precious stones worth tens of billions," said Haring, one of the relatives of Major Garising Sidrap, South Sulawesi, Tuesday, April 5, 2016.

So far, it has not been certified diamond, so there is no certainty authenticity. Haring only shows photos Garising with diamonds.
Haring said Puang Grandma Major Garising so-called diamond-states will be auctioned, but first handed over to the State Indonesia for sale.

"He intends to pay the country's debt. Partly to build custom homes, schools, and mosques. Previously, the diamonds will be certified and the government can facilitate it," said Haring Sidrap, Tuesday, April 5, 2016.
Haring said, in addition to diamond, a gem in the form of precious stones is also owned by Mayor Garising or alias Qarsing Puang grandmother.
The information circulated, the diamond was guarded some local people. To see this diamond, it takes the approval of Major Garising and Andi Ucha, manager of the custom house.

If it turns out haltersebut right, it is a remarkable thing, how the actual nature of Indonesia is very rich, because benyak contains precious minerals, especially diamonds. Other areas are famous for producing the precious stone is in southern Kalimantan Martapura, of course, also been generating huge diamond, but not as big as those found in Sidrap earlier. Therefore if Indonesia utilizing natural resources, real people will prosper. but this time because mining mining products still carried out mostly by foreign companies, his income is still the result, can not be fully income for the welfare of Indonesian society.