Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pesawat T50 Jatuh di Gebyar Dirgantara di Bandara Adisucipto Jogjakarta 2015

T50 aircraft crashes in Gebyar Aerospace
in 2015 Jogjakarta Adisucipto Airport

Quite surprising news received by the people of Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta. Why not, some time ago, when two planes were maneuvering, the plane dived and crashed near fish ponds Berbah Regional Airport area, so the activity is stopped and the Yogya Airshow Adi Sutjipto Airport temporarily closed for the investigation and evacuation. According to news received, the actual time of the incident quite sunny weather, spectators who packed the show quite a lot of water, so it is really very surprising. Atmosphere immediately became very tense when the visible explosion and the subsequent ascent of smoke coming from the burning plane.

In truth, these activities have often conducted at Yogyakarta's Adi Sucipto Air Force Base, because we all know that in addition to air force bases, there are also the air force academy, so that these businesses are supportive for prospective pilots to observe and learn. In addition there are also airports for public passengers, both domestic flights and abroad, because we know, Yogya is one tourist destination in Indonesia, but it is also a city school and college students because the number of university that reaches hundreds of universities, both public universities and private universities.

From the information obtained source, reported two crew, pilot and copilot the accident died, Letcol (PNB) and the Marda Sardjono Captain (PNB) Helga Dwi Cahyadi and while in semayamkan in RSPAU Hardjolukito, Yogyakarta. Actually they are pilots who have been very berpengalan aviators to fly a plane, krena have pocketed thousands of flying hours. But anyway the name of accidents is the will of God and all of the many factors that influence it so that accidents. We hope that in the future no more a plane crash like this, with the hope that further enhanced the quality of the equipment owned by the air force, particularly air, with really buy that new still do not buy that have been used. Moreover, Indonesia actually had aircraft manufacturer PT. Dirgantara Indonesia that might someday be maximized, to make military equipment destined for the Indonesian state itself. yours respectfully