Friday, December 25, 2015



Indonesia is an archipelago very spacious, has a variety of abundant natural resources, so that from ancient times been the target of other countries to be a colony, in the exploitation of the wealth of nature, both agriculture and mining.

Currently there are large mines owned by foreign contract of work from many years ago, so we could actually prosper if our own mines, yet now many sons of Indonesia who is experienced in mining. Contract work PT. Freeport Indonesia in Papua, is now much talked about, because it involves a great people with a variety of interests. I believe in fact you also curious to see the current situation of the mine location there. Only the guard there are very strict, especially from the police and the Indonesian army who was seconded to secure the location of the mine, so it can not just anyone can get into the mine without good reason or is officially allowed to enter the mine manager. It is very reasonable because there is a facility that is vital for safety maintained, with high-tech equipment, including heavy equipment, very costly, so it should really be sterile and tight security.

Mining expert analysis of various supposedly rich gold and copper mine in Papua is relatively large, it is estimated that up to tens of years in the future, mine output reserves contained there is still very much to be explored. So it is assumed when it can be managed by Indonesia, can actually be used as capital to build Indonesia, even to liberate Indonesia's debts to thousands of trillion, by relying on the mining of Papua's land. However, the current management of the mine in Papua is still managed by foreign parties, especially from the United States, so it can not be entirely the result for the welfare of the Indonesian people, because his contract is still long enough to operate there.

Actually, a lot of video and original photographs were taken there, and without engineering, the author simply took publish it, that how Indonesia is actually very rich, so when we can enjoy the natural wealth of their own with the whole, it is no longer the poor in Indonesia , both on the ground in Papua itself and other islands in Indonesia, we wait for the Indonesian government policies pro-people, pro no stranger ...... respectfully ...