Monday, November 16, 2015

Fahri Hamzah: Provinsi Pulau Sumbawa Segera Dibentuk

Fahri Hamzah: Formed Soon Sumbawa Island Province

SUMBAWA - Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Fahri Hamzah said the province of Sumbawa Island was number one in the list of regional expansion in Indonesia. He hopes that Sumbawa Island into autonomous territories and build its own country.

"The province of Sumbawa Island was number one in the list of regional expansion in Indonesia until the president issued the verdict and sent the team to the regional growth. Insha Allah, Sumbawa island province is a priority and immediately formed, "said Fahri Hamzah when working visit in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, on Saturday (14/11).
By becoming a new province, Sumbawa could become self-government units. This area could build a business entity of the village and take care of himself in accordance with the advantages of its resources.
In addition, the province of Sumbawa Island made a priority because of the aspirations of people who want to feel independent province and have access to wider infrastructure development.
On the other hand, PKS politician dismissed the notion that he just put the formation of Madura province.
"Right now there Madura province, so I can SMS (short message) for supporting the Madura province. I correction that the province of Sumbawa Island is a priority, "said Fahri as reported in a press release received by the editorial (Fri / JPNN)


If indeed it soon could be realized, it will be very beneficial for the citizens of the island of Sumbawa, because the crops from the island of Sumbawa as of pertambanagan gold, agriculture, livestock and tourism, can fully participate in building the island of Sumbawa to be more advanced, it can be aligned with other areas development. How is the vast area of ​​Sumbawa island is still not evenly spread of the population. From the west end of the island of Sumbawa precisely in the area of ​​West Sumbawa to the east end of the island of Sumbawa precisely in Sape Bima, approximately three hundred kilometers away, is quite feasible to become its own province, with various factors that support therein. Hopefully soon materialize. yours respectfully