Sunday, August 16, 2015



Some today, in Yogyakarta emerging event Jogja Bike Rendezvous (JBR) to-10. The event was attended by thousands of large motors, who crowded the city of Yogyakarta, making it more dense and noisy city of Yogyakarta, but this city is a city of students, who need tranquility to learn. Of the activities held, really only useful for community members only. Because for areas such as Yogyakarta is a university town and the students, it was not suitable because it in fact there needs peace for students to learn and study. While these activities would make the city of Yogyakarta to be noisy and bustle of large motors for thousands thronged the city of Yogyakarta, which resulted in traffic being jammed and other congestion problems also propagate disrupt the economy in Yogya city for a few days. It would be better to consider more such activities carried out again in this city, because it will disturb the quietness and smoothness that has been running well.

Not to mention the behavior of members of the community this big motor that tends arrogant meets the road, making other road users to be defeated because they want to pass. Not all members of the community of large motors comply with traffic rules and even annoy other road users, and they even taunt other road users, as if they own the road itself.

If you are resident in the United States and the big motor fans, please follow this news, which was quite warm in the various social media, online, and so forth. Of course you can value, whether it is appropriate motors this loud, make noise and disturb the tranquility and comfort of a student city. Please see the video below ...

We as ordinary people actually deeply regrets the events that are not good caused by the holding of the event, where as if it is deliberately left and protected by the authorities, in this case the police are still not up to oversee this activity, so it is still a frontal friction occurs between members of the community this big motor with other road users who are actually the same as the rights of its highway users as well as citizens. In future we hope that the ordinary people things like this never happen again, and if necessary because our country is still a lot of citizens who are poor, it would not be beautiful to let more activities tend to show off wealth and arrogance like that.

After you watch, whether worthy of this big motors, driving on the highway, violating traffic rules, it should stop when the red light, they arbitrarily large motorcyclists running red lights, because they feel protected and given discretion because of this activity, look arrogant and style thug .... really ironic ...