Monday, August 10, 2015



Event organized by the Damara this, is to look for new talents, children who love to sumbawa in modeling, at least this adalh positive activities, to nurture talent and train mentality, dare to appear in front of people.

This activity is expected to produce children who berbaat modeling world, because they will switch hands modeling the generation that now there will be theirs. Therefore this activity, a good response from parents who want to give their children the opportunity to gain knowledge in this area, take the time and cost of having children ananya can participate in this event. At least, although not champion, but already participate and exercise courage mental children to dare to appear in front of the jury and the audience, so that later if there are more events events like this, they are familiar and feel nervous to perform, and dare in total display his talents.

Finally, after the competition is held, then how great and brave children who are still below show ability, to show his ability as possible, so it is very impressive to the viewer, especially the jury and the child's parents, feel proud of their ability to try to take part in the world of modeling, and hope this will be honed his talent as well as scalable and sustainable to improve its capabilities in the modeling world is of course, if indeed talented and engaged can be quite mengntungkan profession and promise for them.

Followed by about a hundred participants from Mataram and Sumbawa, so hope it will foster children's interest in the modeling world Sumbawa, fashion shows and others ....

Here is photo documentation of the event ...