Tuesday, April 7, 2015



Some time ago, in the town of Sumbawa also experience fever agate fans, as happens in other cities in Indonesia. It is not separated from their various types of agate coming from Sumbawa, the original from the sumbawa and no other place. Because of its uniqueness, the stone-agate of Sumbawa has its own characteristics and finally banayak fans and collectors agate really want to have a variety of agate coming from the mainland sumbawa. Various types of agate from Sumbawa, including Sumbawa Bacan, Bulu Perindu, Black Lawin, Black Pemasar and others.

on this occasion will be our little exposure on the agate type of Black Marketers are known here, but look at the characteristics somewhat similar to the stone Serendibite. People in Sumbawa know as rock black marketers, because it is black and only found in the village Marketers east side of the city of Sumbawa Besar, which is about 70 km from the city, but when viewed from the physical characteristics and scale of violence that reached 6.5 - 7 scale mohs, means is very identical to the stone serendibite from srilanka and burma. the truth that this stone was a classmate serendibite also not one hundred percent reliable, due not in the laboratory carefully through the stone, because it is in this sumbawa no stone laboratory. Maybe if later there were brought to the laboratory and created the stone certificate revealed what kind of black marketers actually is, because of characteristics that are similar to serendibite of burma or srilanka.

It is said that in the market of Batu ring Rawa Bening jakarta, rock original or sumbawa begin hounded by collectors, collectible because now the fans agate has spread around the corners of Indonesia, of course, many want the collection complete, and stones from Indonesia spacious very many variations and has a good quality, and uniqueness can not be doubted. If you are a fan of gemstone please come to NTB Sumbawa Besar Indonesia ... If you are a collector stone / gemslover, interested and want to buy, please visit the online store GEMSTONE SUMBAWA, please visits, negotiations and bought .....