Wednesday, October 9, 2013



Hobby racing pigeons in Indonesia have long existed, especially in the area of ​​Madura as early as their hobby "Andhokan" or pigeon racing. On the island of Java is fairly sngat rapid progress, as indicated by their organization's Sprint Race Unity Listening Merpati Indonesia (PPMBSI) already formed its staff in almost all branches - branches throughout Indonesia and their calendar Routine National Championship Racing Pigeons and the Regional level only. Championship which has been held PPMBSI among others titled, SI National Championship and the League Cup BNR President that each series is held every 1 month to change the city. The event is quite beneficial for the surrounding community because it usually started to be held on Wednesday and Thursday of participants came from different cities to begin to train on Friday and Saturday Race Sprint Galatama (800m) and Sunday Competition Top (1000m), so that economic area benefit, ranging from lodging / Inn / Hotel booked participants, sellers of food and beverages in place of the race, and Motor Car parking full benefit the parking attendants. 

In addition to the advantages obtained when the race, in keseharianpun when the owners of pigeons taking care of their pigeon, also employs experts nurses pigeons of course also be paid monthly, in addition to the release of pigeons when the exercise routine also benefited no jobs and are paid by the calculated number of removable for a price. The point of their activities pigeon racing competition, so benefit all parties, but it also has been managed well, ranging from licensing to the appropriate authorities, organizational governance and setup where infrastructure competition. That is quite other unique is that when held the race, usually the committee also asked for help handler rain, which may have mystical abilities to move the rain, so that the area of ​​one kilometer around the racetrack does not rain, so the race went smoothly until the finish to get the pigeons champion. If the race is not until the end of course unsatisfactory participants and spectators, because obviously later divided evenly only reward, besides the points accumulated to determine the overall winner also simply divided equally alone.

In the town of Sumbawa Besar has also started growing hobbyist pigeon racing, although the number of members is only a few dozen people, but it seems the public interest to idolize pigeon racing is big enough, characterized by the Communities Pigeon Race Sumbawa Besar already regularly conduct training racing pigeons housed in Kebayan area, exactly on the edge of the road near SMPN 4 Sumbawa Besar, as a place to do Lot or exercise against pigeons - pigeon racing are being trained. We hope to soon be formed stewardship PPMBSI Branch of Sumbawa Besar, so as to better show the existence of the community of pigeon racing in Sumbawa Besar this particular and NTB in general, in order to participate and carry out events competition titled National, which basically can also be used as event entertainment for attract tourists to visit these Sumbawa Besar, and economically income communities is no additional income for the community around the location of the race. If we see it is located less than adequate, because its trajectory is only a short 500 meter, while that standard should be at least 1000 meters trajectory spacious and unobstructed trees because it would disrupt the course of the race when they are pitted against each other, because the racing pigeons are pigeons when fighting took track racing under very low above the ground, often two or even one meter above the ground, then it is surely because if many trees would be very disturbing. 

Perhaps to more suitably in the Area city of Sumbawa Besar, held the race area outside of town a bit, for example in the area Moyo north, moyo downstream and regions moyo upstream, by taking the location of rice fields of the track can be long up to one kilo Metera because there are still many locations paddy very spacious. Cooperation with local government and with community leaders is required to promote the hobby these people, for the future community in sumbawa racing pigeons can also align with other regions, as well as be able to take part at the national level. Way to go Community Racing Pigeons Sumbawa Besar and Indonesia !!!!