Monday, March 19, 2012

Hurricane "LUA"

Hurricane  "LUA"

Some time ago, we in the West Nusa Tenggara, suffered a pretty bad weather. In addition to the heavy rain, also a strong wind, which is the BMKG said, that is effect of Hurricane  "LUA" that passes through the Nusa Tenggara. At that time people in sumbawa said that was going Barat Siwa , which is actually the brunt of the wind is going on by scientists were give name Hurricane LUA coming from Australia. It's the time of the incident, bad weather cause the flight schedule Sumbawa out of town, like to Mataram on Lombok island, Denpasar and Surabaya stopped. The crossing from port to port Pototano - Kayangan in Lombok also halted due to high waves that endanger the ship. So that is when the atmosphere is very tense, rain and strong winds continued until one week more, so a lot of their activities disrupted by the disaster.

But because there has been the readiness of the local government and BPBDs evacuation and dissemination to the public, the danger of the disaster not to cause loss of life of society. People are encouraged to reduce the activity outside the home, and tried to maintain the safety of each, setting up the logistics to taste and while monitoring progress through the means of communication, television, internet and so is expected to get safety and comfort. Because after all, disasters caused by nature, humans can only predict and try to maintain safety and to avoid such hazards. The point is we have to be sensitive and trying to make friends with nature and disasters, so that when the signs of nature has appeared, may soon get ready to avoid, so that it can safe themselves and still exist.

But now the weather has improved, stayed the remnants of that event, such as floods and a tornado, leaving destruction. even so we also should be proud with alacrity, and the officers of BNPB and BPBD in this Sumbawa. We hope in the future when a similar disaster from happening again or in other forms such natural disasters as earthquakes, floods, etc., communities and local governments have been responsive and anticipation, to prepare myself as best as possible, from logistics and other safety equipment. Because the name of disaster we do not know when it came, but at least we can predict and see the signs of nature, so we can get ready when the existence of such disasters. The point we must be responsive and sensitive to the signs of nature, so human in URLs can be friends with a disaster. 

Nothing wrong we imitate the developed countries in tackling disasters, at least minimize the impact of disasters, such as in Japan is already very advanced in the face of the earthquake because of own SOP standards and socialization that have been very good with children ages schools already understand what to do when the earthquake and subsequent rescue measures, they already know and understand. Things like that are probably worth in the sample by the Indonesian government, through the Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) and the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) and BASARNAS order better future in the face, mitigate and minimize the impact of disasters. For that let us pray and hope as