Saturday, March 20, 2010



Maybe in a few days, when you see the broadcast on television, we often see information about a foreign mining company located on the island of Sumbawa, precisely in the area of green stone, the West Sumbawa regency. Certainly not we hear the familiar foreign mining companies are very famous, only if you look directly into the mine site would have never and is not easy. From the impressions - on the television show that we can see how rich this area , has the natural resources abundant minerals, especially gold mining and other mining products such as copper and so forth.
The results of these mines, are expected to contribute revenue to the region, improve the welfare of local communities around the mine, the district around, provincial and state of Indonesia in general. Like other regions in Indonesia that have mining locations, such as East Kalimantan, high-income areas, but there are also the areas of forest damage, which left only a hole - a giant hole that will turn into a large lake. That is why, usually when an area will be opened to mining, there must be pros and cons in the communities around the region.

But we all know to date, earning mine in Sumbawa which is managed by foreign companies from America, have not fully able to generate income and prosperity for the citizens there. Even that is quite surprising is the province of West Nusa Tenggara, including areas that many of the citizens in the poor category. For that we hope, in the future Indonesian state governments increasingly prudent in making decisions in foreign companies work contract extension and can thus benefit for the citizens of the surrounding communities. Gratitude again if only his contract terminated, then managed by Indonesia, would be earning a hundred percent for Indonesia, it can even to pay off debts to thousands of trillion Indonesian amount. Moreover, we know in other regions such as East Kalimantan and Papua are also a mine site large enough income, it will further increase revenue Indonesia.