Monday, September 14, 2009

A Journey To Dompu And Mount Tambora

A Journey To Dompu And Mount Tambora

The journey to the town of Dompu, can we go through the journey overland from the city of Sumbawa, a distance of about - some nearly 200 km towards east, as Dompu town located in the eastern part of Sumbawa Island. To get there, some alternative vehicles could be used from the town of Sumbawa Besar, for example using the Bus majors Dompu - Bima, or use of personal vehicles either by car or motorbike.  When in away, you will be treated to a rather beautiful scenery, winding roads and mountainous twists and turns - the mountain, especially after the came out town of Sumbawa, for example, after entering the Empang District, you can find seaside scenery backgrounds Panjang Island and Mount Tambora in the distance. Before entering the border town of Dompu, you will be treated to beautiful scenery and the winding road - winding, especially in the Nangatumpu area.

After you enter the town of Dompu, the city can you feel, almost like the city of Sumbawa Besar. If you use the vehicle bus, you will stop first at the Terminal Tente, after it had continued to east area another example towards Bima. To continue the journey to Mount Tambora, we can stop first at the Pancasila village, there we took a break over coffee Tambora, or maybe visiting the Beringin Jaya village, which in Dompu known as the center of Cashew producers, taken nuts seed, or fruit for created Sirup cashew, Dodol and Abon Cashew.

The journey continues towards Mount Tambora, which can be taken through several alternative channels, such as South line or through the North Channel. If you pass the South Line, the trip can be gone for eight hours, let alone by foot, who could spend six hours, then continued to use the vehicle, for example by Offroad cars. But if through the North Channel, the travel time may take longer, even up to two to three days' journey.

In history, before the eruption of Mount Tambora in the 1800s, high as 4300m above sea level, but after living erupted just half their height. Noted also that because of this eruption, the three kingdoms around Mount Tambora, the kingdom of Tambora, the Kingdom of Sanggar and the Kingdom of Pekat, was destroyed and lost from civilization. Mount Tambora eruption effect was remarkable, not only in local Indonesia, but very widespread where - where, even the dust reaches the European continent, thus affecting climate and weather in Europe at that time.

Once you have reached a hoe Post 3, as the last post before I reached the top of Tambora, we will see the beautiful scenery and wonderful, which can be viewed from any angle, see the variety of plants and animals - animals typically Tambora, such as plants and animals Eidelweise apes, cows and horses. The beauty of Mount Tambora was also shown by the caldera crater, which was reached about ten square kilometers, thus including the largest in the world. Mount Tambora's incredible!