Sunday, May 1, 2016


”WELCOME TO SAMAWA LAND” , “SELAMAT DATANG DI SUMBAWA BESAR”                                           

Welcome To Sumbawa Besar City

Maybe your know about Bali Island or Lombok Island, but now I want introduce about Sumbawa Besar City in Sumbawa Island. Sumbawa Besar City, is one of the city in West Nusa Tenggara, that have started growing rapidly, both from the wheel of economy, trade, fashion, technology, transportation and so forth. Currently access to the Sumbawa Besar is very easy, because there are some alternatife that can be used to reach Sumbawa, stay in compliance with your budget, using land transportation, sea, and air transportation. It is not separated from the image of the city of Sumbawa is Sumbawa Original Honey, Sumbawa Wild Horse Milk, and Traditional Sumbawa Oil are famous throughout Indonesia. From the news that there are, the things that are characteristic of the city of Sumbawa has many falsified in out there, especially in Java, for that we must strive to maintain and protect the authenticity and quality of valuable commodity.

Perhaps for this when they hear Sumbawa, people on the island of Java him together with the island of Sumba in NTT. Though it is located far enough, and very different culture and culture, between NTB and NTT. Especially customs Sumbawa more dipengauri Islam derived from the kingdom in South Sulawesi, such as Bone kingdom, so much that the origin of his ancestors from the region of Sulawesi, such as Bone, Makasar, Bulu Kumba, and so forth. Once you land in Sumbawa, you will get another view compared to other regions in Indonesia, more like when you've seen the sights and customs of the Bugis people of Sulawesi.
The hospitality of the citizens of Sumbawa are felt so open, so this time the city is already crowded and developed. Both two-wheeled vehicles and cars have thronged the streets here, especially in the morning hours as school and office hours, the streets in sumbawa pretty crowded anyway.

Road To Sumbawa

This time have many alternative transportation that can be used to go to Sumbawa. Below are a few guidelines for you to get to Sumbawa, and hopefully be able to add useful information for you.

a. If you are from the City of Mataram / Lombok Island, then the alternative:

- Take the Bus from the terminal Bertais Mataram, Take the ship from Pototano, Continue to use Bus to Terminal Sumer Payung Sumbawa.
- When you take travel bus directly to Sumbawa City.
- Take the Aircraft from Bandara International Lombok (BIL) to Airport Brangbiji Sumbawa.

b. If your from Denpasar Bali, the alternatife:
- Take the bus from the terminal Ubung Denpasar à to Terminal Sumer Payung Sumbawa.
- Take the plane from Ngurah Rai Airport to        Bandara International Lombok (BIL) to Brangbiji Sumbawa Besar Airport.

c. If you are from the City of Surabaya , the alternative:

• Take the Bus from the Purabaya Bus / Bungurasih to terminal Sumer Payung Sumbawa.
• Take the plane from
Juanda Airport to Bandara International Lombok (BIL) to Brangbiji Sumbawa Airport.
• Take the air from Juanda Airpor to Airport Bandara International Lombok (BIL)  and Use Bus / Travel to Terminal Sumer Payung Sumbawa / to each destination passengers (who ride for Travel)

d. If you are from the city of Yogyakarta, the alternatife:

Take the Bus / Travel Bus from terminal Giwangan Yogya to Terminal Purabaya / Bungurasih Surabaya, Replace use Bus to terminal of Sumbawa Sumer Payung.
• Take the Bus from Terminal Giwangan Yogya, Replace use Bus / Travel from Terminal Bertais Mataram to Terminal Sumer Payung Sumbawa / purpose of each (for the increased passenger travel).
• Take the plane from Adisucipto Airport Yogyakarta Transit at Juanda Airport in Surabaya  to Bandara International Lombok (BIL) use Aircraft / Travel / City Buses to Sumbawa Besar.

e. If your from Jakarta City, the alternatife:

- Take the Bus from the terminal Pulogadung Jakarta à to Terminal Sumer Payung Sumbawa Besar.
-  Take the plane from Sukarno – Hatta Airport to Bandara International Lombok (BIL) to Brangbiji     Sumbawa Besar Airport.

Circumstances continue to change, the current track and the flight schedule is increasing because of the various airlines are opening routes to Sumbawa. It provides a variety of options for prospective travelers heading to Sumbawa, tailored to the interests and wishes of existing costs. Another development is already growing number of inns and hotels that can be used to stay the tourists in this great Sumbawa, with different rates are applied, depending on the type and the facilities offered by the inns and hotels. But the bottom line is the cost affordable to the middle class, so expect more tourists who want to Sumbawa.