Sunday, August 2, 2009


Alternatife Object - Tourism in Sumbawa

Maybe you have to Sumbawa to visit some tourism who were there, but that never exsposed by various media is of course a lot, for example, Moyo Island, Beach Saliper Ate, Semongkat, Mata Jitu Water fall, Talowa Village, Tepal Village and so forth. In fact there are many objects that have not been exposed to tourism and is still in the original Sumbawa this, waiting to visit by tourists - tourists, both international tourism or local tourism. This is a little info about the location of the tour you may visit at any time. Actually there are many tourist sites in Sumbawa, but we will discuss are the objects of alternative tourism in Sumbawa Besar around the city, not too far out of town Sumbawa Besar, making it easily affordable and latency is not too long. For that we show one after the other tourist sites around the city of Sumbawa Besar.

Goa Beach

Goa Beach is located about 8 km from Sumbawa towards Pototano, before you pass junction near Goa Restaurant, you turn right around 500m. There you can enjoy the natural beach and a natural cave, and enjoy the culinary, culinary seafood, such as fresh grilled fish, grilled squid, grilled shrimp, crab and so on. To reach this place is not too difficult, because it is dilalur the main road to the city of Sumbawa Besar if from the west, there are some things that can be used as signs to reach this beach, among others fit to be near the army headquarters rifle at left road, you turn right around 700 meters has reached the location. In addition alongside a road near the entrance to the beach, there are restaurants cave, which is located beside the road bridge. So to find this place very easily, and if you still have not found, could be asked to every person you meet, would know and would suggest this place.        

When you get on the portal of entry, you will be charged for admission, three thousand rupiah and it was at once by motorcycle parking fees. There you can immediately take place in huts that are provided by the seller of grilled fish, or you can take a walk to the beach. This beach has also been renovated from sea water abrasion, so if there are patron such as docks, and it is also the way to a small cave which swept fennel fennel small knoll beach there, so for their cave for this then this beach called Beach Goa. So if you one day come to town Sumbawa Besar, then one of them can you make this beach one of the Alternatives places to tour and relax, because it's close to the city including Sumbawa Besar. Hopefully you impressed and can you recommend to friends or siblings, who may one day visit to the city of Sumbawa Besar.

Dam Batu Bulan

You may never visit the tourism Karangkates da Dam East Java, or Jatilihur Reservoir in West JavaSumbawa is also in the tourism Dam Batu Bulan, a think - about the distance of 16 km from Sumbawa, At area Moyo Hulu. In - holidays, tourist visits many sizable.. Safety more when you get around the motorcycles, because it can freely around the dam, because when using a car, can only be up to the gate near the dam is restricted portal. There you can enjoy the natural scenery, fishing, boating and purchase by - by fresh fish fresh water. To reach the location Dam Batubulan, from the town of Sumbawa Besar you can directly towards Bima, right at the junction Simpang Boak, you turn to right towards the road to Lunyuk, after walking about 12 kilometers, until the T-junction you turn left ffor for the dam, when you will turn to right towards the area Lunyuk. To get into this location is free, maybe in the future after getting repaired facilities may continue to levy the money withdrawn.
If you've got there, please you can perform a wide range of activity to be done here, may you who like fishing, can just go fishing at the edge of the dam are spacious and provide options for you to choose. Or maybe if dissatisfied fishing at the edge of the dam, you can also rent a boat for fishing in the middle of the dam or go cage-cage fish farmers are more scattered in this Batubulan dam.But if you want fresh water fish for consumption, you can come early to buy from the fishermen, if oversleep sure the fish is up, because many bought by traders who will resell the fish to the city Sumbawa Besar ..

Meanwhile, if you just want to just walk and take pictures, you can do along the edge of the dam. For those who want to bathe in the swimming panda dams please alone but must be careful. If you want to road a bit far to look for a nice view, you can use a bike to get to the edge of the dam is upstream. The day of typical day is still a bit empty, but when the holidays, quite crowded this Batubulan dam. In the fasting month of Ramadan, many people who spend their time vacationing here, do fishing, just to fill the time and entertainment for the waiting time to break the fast. The atmosphere is cool and the breeze, plus shady trees, to make us comfortable and welcome to linger there, and often do not feel I know it late in the evening, so we had to return to the town of Sumbawa Besar again.

Batubulan dam was actually built by the government, to support agriculture, especially for irrigation irrigation. Tatapi fact can also be used for various activities including tourism, this has been implemented by Sumbawa regional government through the Department of Tourism, swring perform various art and cultural events in this location to support tourism. The other thing is that it can be used for hydroelectric power plants, but because the dam is managed by the department of agriculture, the water discharge was planned by the department of agriculture to irrigate rice fields only, so if imposed made hydroelectricity, then the result is less than the maximum because the water flow is not great. so the results of a small electric. But at least, with the dam Batubulan this benefits the farmers so that their fields successful rice harvest, and people are increasingly prosperous and used also for entertainment and Libiran for the people of Sumbawa and surrounding areas, as well as the people of Indonesia and around the world who might someday visit to Sumbawa.

Seketeng Pass

If you ever been to the Pathuk Hill in Yogyakarta, you can see the Yogyakarta city from a height, or you to Ketep Pass in Magelang, you can enjoy the scenery around Magelang the background of Mount Merapi. But if you are to Sumbawa, precisely from the height above the market Seketeng Hill on the road to Raberas, you can relax and enjoy the town of Sumbawa clearly, especially at night day you can see lights of the lamps. If we look from above, we can consider the Sumbawa Besar Kota underneath, especially apparent Football Field Paragas, and towers Jami mosque loudspeakers were seen towering Sumbawa. Although it could just hang out alongside a road, or up in the hills behind it, but we can see a view of a background of city Sumbawa Besar, which is as if when we look at its shape like a basin bowl, because surrounded by mountains and hills, diisebelah west there BukitSering, while in the east there BukitSeketeng.
The day of the holidays or nights a week usually many young people who hang out there, sitting on a motorcycle that was parked alongside a road, to just relaxing view of the city at night Sumbawa Besar.

When night our goal, we can see the city sights Sumbawa Besar shining light, similar to that dapatbkita sights of Semarang city at night, because there is a city in the hill country. Although it is not managed properly, but at least this place could be one of the places visited alterenatif when in town Sumbawa Besar, because the view is nice to just take pictures and entertainment. That's a bit of just a few locations that we can serve, someday the more we expose the tourist locations in Sumbawa Besar another alternative.