Saturday, August 22, 2009

Snacks of Sumbawa Typical

Snacks of Sumbawa Typical

If you ever travel to the town of Sumbawa Besar, not full and satisfied when we return from there without bringing tasted and by - by the food - snacks typically Sumbawa, which sold a lot there. You can buy it in stores - stores that sell foods, which is located in many places in this city of Sumbawa. Diverse array of specialties sumbawa because not separated from the natural potential in Sumbawa, mainly produces food ingredients and other sebagaianya which is the result of a native of Sumbawa, other than commodities that are well known and are attached to the area sumbawa namely honey and mare's milk wild. Therefore, when you visit here, both in urban've banayak outlets that sell these types of snacks sumbawa and sduah many outlets yng specialized in selling typical food sumbawa only as souvenirs for tourists and people traveling to the city of Sumbawa Besar. With the variety of snacks and typical sumbawa can increase incomes sumbawa who has a home industries manufacture of snacks, to be offered to the immigrants, who now began to come not only from the city of Sumbawa Besar or the island of Sumbawa, but even more travelers and foreign tourists from Europe, such as USA, UK, Canada and others are willing to pay a visit to Sumbawa because there are many tourist sites unspoiled island of Sumbawa, which is now starting intensified its publication, so that people around the world can know mainly through websites online on the internet. Then it is also supported by the flight path of Mataram on Lombok island and from Denpasar in Bali. So the opportunity for people to be able to introduce sumbawa sumbawa specialties and sell them to the tourists for just mebcicipi or even serve as a souvenir, and hope may be tourists who have returned to the country could do long-distance order requested delivery of food typical of this sumbawa.

Below are typical snacks Sumbawa:

1. Manjareal Sumbawa

Food is typical Sumbawa, sweet taste, made from the mashed peanuts and sugar, and let the aroma, in order to use the vessel's jontal leaves, which form the oval shape such as flowers, this foods so popular in this because it seems, and is a typical snacks Sumbawa. When you taste the typical food is the main ingredient of peanuts, of course, you are right to feel addicted if you only eat one seed, because the sweet and the savory flavor beans make our tongue to constantly eat. And that became the hallmark of their food this is becoming a special meal prepared and served to the guests who came when the Lebaran Muslims, adding that the presence of typical hatri this manjareal food. The price is affordable and the cost per pack, will make you feel less when only buy one pack, so it is usually in the Lebaran day manjareal demand for food is very much, making this manufacturing business owners increase its production capacity tenfold even on the day normally. For raw materials is not a problem because sumbawa also rich in agricultural products especially peanuts, sugar only material still needs to be brought in from Java katena there has been no large scale planting of sugar cane and its processing plant.

2. Buffalo Milk Candy.

Buffalo milk candy is a sweet taste of candy, because it made from buffalo milk, so aromanya, susu Kerbau characteristic aroma, which is a livestock animal in Sumbawa, and this is also one of the typical snacks of Sumbawa. Typical taste of buffalo milk candy is sweet and the savory typical buffalo milk. We all know that in the area of Sumbawa, many people who beterna buffalo with a rather large amount, such as in the area of Pond and Plampang for example, there is even a rancher has a cow or buffalo up to 3000 head, not to mention in other areas, so buffalo milk raw material is quite easy to get in Sumbawa. If you are interested in buying for souvenirs please go to specialized outlets sumbawa typical food vendors in the city of Sumbawa Besar. cheap and affordable price that will make you feel less if you only buy one pack only.

3. Empang Chips.

This food comes from the Empang district, which is shaped crackers, made from fish tenggiri that intervention in the wheat flour, so when it is fried in, it's intricate and tasty fish heavily tenggiri a delicious taste, and is one of the typical snacks Sumbawa. For the raw material for making crackers this dam, in sumbawa can still easily be found, namely mackerel. for we know that the area consists of Sumbawa oegynungan and coastal areas, so many people who work as fishermen. Automatic showed many marine fish, particularly mackerel fish as the main raw material of food crackers dam, in addition to other materials eg, flour, sugar and salt. Because the taste is savory crackers so much to like this, you probably ever eat crackers Kemplang from Palembang, or so-called amplang in Samarinda, the dam crackers food was very similar texture and taste. Cheap and affordable, so that many who prefer to buy directly in large numbers, especially for everyday snacks or used as souvenirs for immigrants who come to the city of Sumbawa Besar.

4. Kickshaw Seaweed.

Food taste is sweet, refreshing and healthful, because of the Fresh Seaweed, which processed with added sugar. Ingredients Seaweed is also easily obtained in Sumbawa, so this food including snacks typically Sumbawa. In sumbawa can we find the type of candied seaweed snacks, as in the coastal area sumbawa many fishing communities who cultivate seaweed. Aside from being a major ingredient manufacture of gelatin deposited into factories processing seaweed into jelly, seaweed result here is also processed into snacks are also a characteristic here is candied seaweed. It was a sweet and savory will pamper us to chew and taste sweet that makes want to eat more, the price is cheap so affordable by the affluent middle class, so much favored as snacks daily and serve snacks to souvenirs for migrants who went to sumbawa to take home for his family. You can easily find it on typical food outlets sumbawa that many are in this Sumbawa Besar around the city.

Well if you are one day come to Sumbawa Besar, and to taste some typical snacks such Sumbawa, please just come to the town of Sumbawa Besar. You simply ask people you meet, it would have shown booths and stalls selling snacks are typical of this Subawa, scattered in various corners of the city. Please compaction and enjoy. Respectfully.