Friday, July 31, 2009


Is Straight Clouds Sign Earthquake?

As we know, that the location of Sumbawa Island in particular and West Nusa Tenggara, in general, located near the earthquake belt or Indo Australia fracture skin, so that the region including the earthquake-prone. Based on the information writer’s from friends in Yogyakarta, in 2006, before the great earthquake occurred, there appear mysterious clouds that form straight horizontal and plumb (vertical), to appear in a few days earlier, then the earthquake happened. 

In television also been caught running a camera on the south side of Jakarta, and then the earthquake occurred at Bandung, even that incident analized by China expert, who get the facts of 20 times the that a cloud as seen, it occurs 18 times real earthquake. Can clouds indeed presage of nature, so that it can be indicator earthquake?Wallahualambissawab.

The author himselves see their own occurrence of the clouds such on the sky around Sumbawa, unfortunately the cloud we can not take the picture, because we did not bring a camera, but that time the earthquake occurred earthquake continue. When I was in the Nangalidam beach, and look in the East (Dompu and Bima), straight vertical and a very large size and a glimpse of smoke similar to the plane, and then that the earthquake occurred in the news center in the middle of the sea area east of Raba Bima.

Photos above are photos of clouds with similar views that seen by the author, the first cloud images seen on June 4 2009 at 08.22 Wita, both cloud images seen on 10 May 2009 at 06.19 Wita three cloud images seen on 16 May 2008 Wita at 11:53 and the four images shown pada18 May 2008 Wita 10:11. The fact is the case, the new few days later after the earthquake occurred on the day of week of June 14 2009 at 11:36 WITA, BMKG strength according to the SR 5.7 is based on the coordinates 77Ls-117, BT 23 or 87 km towards West of Sumbawa Besar Sea. This sign can prove that the sign is a sign of nature can be a sign to alert, which may be provided by nature for man to be more careful.
Until now, the cloud is still being debated truth straight as a sign of an earthquake, because experts are still in disagreement between the one and the other. From some of the literature says it is in touch with the movement of the Earth's crust, but some say it is related to the earth's magnetic symptoms. If my personal opinion, we analogy when we return to the basic lessons, when a magnet is put on top of a sheet of paper, then sprinkled with powder of iron sand, then when swaying a little will happen image magnetic lines of force. It is said of a simple way to visualize the Gaua invisible line can be determined that the direction of lines of force, of the magnetic north pole to the south pole of the magnet. By analogy simple thought that, I think the earth is said to be a very large magnet, so that the magnetism of the earth also will have lines of force magnetism Similarly, while visualizing lines of force magnetism occurs naturally, because the particles that form the cloud attached to the the line of magnetic force of the earth is big and long, so because our eyes are also limited viewpoint it is possible that the clouds occur appear straight. Strengthening the line of force magnetism is finally visualized naturally by the particle cloud, enabled influenced by the shift of the earth's crust, because it is said, according to experts, lies the polar magnetism earth can shift or change the point coordinates, this time we can see with their events inclination and declination on njarum compass. May still need to be studied further about my opinion, so I became still doing research, collecting photographs of clouds straight that occur around the region in which I was, then when an earthquake happens then I will match it with the announcement of the location of the epicenter complete with coordinate point through BMKG website. So let us all friendly to nature, while doing research we try to recognize the signs of nature given by nature so mabusia can recognize and be more vigilant.