Monday, July 27, 2009

Sumbawa Culiner Tour 1

 Of  Traditional Food Sumbawa

Indonesia is a vast country territory, mebentang from Sabang in Aceh until Merauke in Papua, resulting in Indonesia has a wide range of ethnicities and customs of its people, with a variety of behaviors that vary, but remained within a single unit, the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. Similarly finally on diet and type of food consumed by the people of Indonesia were also different, and ultimately that is what actually makes Indonesia is very rich in the type of cuisine, which became known as the food is typical of the archipelago. Culinary in Indonesia is very much and some are very well known even to admit foreign countries, such as rendang dishes from Padang, Gudheg of Yogya and other sebgainya, mainly introduced through the world of tourism that culinary tourism. Similarly, in West Nusa Tenggara, mainly on the island of Lombok which today is already a major tourist destination in Indonesia, the typical food Lombok also well known in the international community, even Lombok has been recognized that as the Halal World Travel. The impact Lombok International as a tourist destination, of course, also good effect on tourism in the region other NTB is on the island of Sumbawa. because we know it is the largest island of Sumbawa in NTB, that extends from western Sumbawa regency until Bima, of course, the type of cuisine Sumbawa island kghas also vary as well. Type of cuisine are typical Sumbawa mainstay among others Sepat, Singang, Gecok, Rice Banek and others so on, which of course also should be introduced into the world of international due to the peculiarities of taste and delicacy, as in Sumbawa is also promoted as a tourist destination alternate after the island of Lombok. especially in Sumbawa is also supported by the various attractions that are still natural and nice to be visited by the tourists who love to travel. so currently existing in Sumbawa also regular flights Sumbawa, Lombok commute every day, so that the smooth transportation crossings. Similarly, other means eg hotel and inns have also been many, ranging from the expensive to the cheap rates for backpackers. Well on this occasion we discussed a little bit about the typical dishes that  Singang Sumbawa, the following recipes and how to cook it, may be an addition to insights to all of you who like the culinary tourism. Our little bit of this may be useful for you all.

Recipes Singang Sumbawa

- Sea fish (Free fish and what), Subtile Flavor sufficient / appropriate taste, candlenut, turmeric, Red Chilli, cayenne, garlic, red onion slices , tamarind juice, salt, msg.

HOW TO Make:

Clean the fish, Cutting appropriate taste, Sauteing Red Onion then entries Subtile Flavor, then entries tamarind juice, Fish, then wait for look the mature fish then lift in, and then serve and eated.

Recipes Gecok Sumbawa
1) Cow Liver ½ kg
2) Meat ½ kg
3) Viscera ½ kg
4) Cooking Oil ¼ botol
5) Coconut ½ grains

1) Red Onion 1 ons
2) Lemongrass 4 stem
3) Garlic 5 seed
4) Calamondin ½ grains
5) Red Chilli 5 seed
6) Tamarind 4 seed
7) Chilli of Small 3 seed
8) Small fragrant leaves 1 thread
9) Candlenut 5 seed
10) Carambulas 5 seed
11) Black Pepper 5 seed
12) Sesame 10 spoon
13) Galingale1 piece
How To Make :

1) The heart, meat, viscera, were boiled and slice.
2) Shredded coconut, coconut milk is made in part, some earthen pot and mashed.
3) Earthen pot the sesame and mashed.
4) Pepper, salt, onion, garlic, chili sauce, mashed pecan, pan, and enter galingale and lemongrass.
5) coconut milk and coconut sangan included, is left until thick appointed ago, and left until cold sesame entered.
6) Onion, red chilli, shredded leaves, rough-skinned orange slices, then fried. Star fruit sliced flat.
7) Meat, liver, offal and some spices are fried and the pan-mixed spices.

8) Ethnic is decorated with the fried ingredients in step No.6.