Friday, July 31, 2009


As Suramadu Bridge Possible
Can Build To Link
Lombok - Sumbawa?

On last june 2009, Suramadu bridge connecting Surabaya and Madura island was inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, so that between Java and Madura are connected land transportation, There is no need to use the Ferry boat to cross the Madura. This is certainly support the change in many areas, particularly access to incoming Madura more easily. By the building of the bridge can grow the economic fill well in Madura island.
Based on this case the writer’s has hope if it will be happen in Sumbawa. How easy and fast Sumbawa Island can grow in many fields especially economic. By building the bridge can lingk Lombok – Sumbawa. As we know the distance is not so far if we compare Java – Madura or Java – Sumatra. Reasonable when we have a dream and we expect that can be realized.
It is a moment could be realized, caused by the variety of potential which is now owned by NTB province, especially their produce from the island of Sumbawa in the form of agricultural, livestock, and mining were sent to the island of Java. This time to send crops from Sumbawa to Java is very dependent on the ship, while when using land transport, still cut had to cross three strait, the strait Alas, the Straits of Lombok and Bali Strait by ferry, which eventually travel time long enough , Expected later if we build a bridge connecting the island of Sumbawa, Lombok, can shorten the travel time from Sumbawa island to island Lombok, Java and finally to a shorter and faster. Meanwhile, when viewed from the geographical distance between the islands of Lombok and Sumbawa Island is also not too far away, especially when we see from the above we can see land jutting Lombok Island with mainland bay on the island of Sumbawa, precisely the area of the District SumbawaBarat, a closer and a lot small islands are scattered and allows it to be used as a bridge piling. Moreover, if the technology is applied to adopt the technique construction of the bridge by China, which at the same time as the completion of the longest bridge along the 5,438 m Chinese side managed to inaugurate a bridge that long Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge length 164.8 kilometers and built for 4 years from 2006 - diesmikan 2010 and June 30, 2011. So there was already an advanced technology that allows adopted in Indonesia to build a bridge to connect the island of Sumbawa and Lombok.

Sumbawa Island has variatif nature resources there are so many types, ranging from agricultural, farm products and also the mining. Hopefully this case, can be concern by the central government to progress the NTB’s area. Therefore if the bridge is realized, the progress and development that will be obtained by Sumbawa is also growing rapidly, for easier access from Lombok to Sumbawa, which still took about 6-7 hours of travel when using the land transport and across the straits board ship ferry. Although there is now an alternative air transportation of Sumbawa, Lombok by two airline Lion Air and Garuda Indonesia, which only needed a travel time of 30 minutes, but it was still relatively more expensive when compared to land transport, and even then for passengers only, while freight transport remains using land transport, for example the truck. So if there is a bridge, it is possible perjalanman using land transportation can be reached within 30 minutes.